PC Station


Features Specifications: PC Station


Section 1: System Description
The multimedia share system is an updated computer value-added productintegrated and promoted by Etross , which introducesthe latest American ??Multi-user System?? technology to China. Byconverting an ordinary PC into a server and adding some input/outputdevices (such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, multimedia share and so on)to each terminal, it acts as a network PC system composed of specialsoftware and hardware. Implementing all basic computer operations andfunctions independently and synchronously, the system enables one hostto serve as many as one to seven users at the same time, all of whomcan enjoy the same results as operating on a single host.

Section 2: Working Principle

The multimedia share system is based on the Windows 2000/XP(professional edition/family edition) system. With the Time Sharingmulti-task technology, the system enables each user to fully share thedevices and services in the system, and to share the computer resourcesdynamically so that there is no sensible time delay.

Section 3: System Functions and Range of Applications

Multimedia share system can realize the following functionsindependently and synchronously: browsing websites, receiving andsending e-mails, playing multimedia audio and video files, backing updocuments, designing plots, editing and writing, playing games, sittingfor online education (training or working), connecting to peripheralsand so on. All users can enjoy the same results as operating on asingle host. It is applicable to 98% of computer users who have nospecial requirements, especially for schools, training organizations,enterprises, institutions, movie bars, KTV halls, financingcorporations, securities, internet cafes, homes and so on. For thecomputerization of all the above places, the total cost can be reducedby at least 60%.

Section 4: System Features

(1) Based on the Windows multi-task and multi-user operating system,the system makes full use of the Windows terminal technology and adoptsthe working principle of TimeShare multi-task, fully exerting theadvantage of Intel HT (hyper thread) technology by converting a commonPC into a server, so as to realize the broadband access and wirelessinter-networking for customers.
(2) As many as one to seven users can work independently andsynchronously. It makes full use of the existing resources of system,combining the centralized management, the resource sharing and the useraccess permission-based management. The operating system is stable andthe data are secure and reliable.
(3) It minimizes the cost for purchasing hardware items (such ascomputer and network devices), operating system and softwareapplications. The system needs no maintenance or upgrade, occupieslittle space, and greatly reduces the investment.
(4) Energy saving and pollution free, the system greatly reduces heatdisperse, electromagnetic radiation and virus inbreak points. It makesfull use of rebuilding old computer devices, and greatly prolongs thelife of input and output devices.

System Requirements

Section 1: Hardware Requirements
1. Suggest using the electrical power of the host above 300W.
2. To ensure easy heat dissipation and improve the system stability, the chassis needs to be spacious enough.
3. There must be enough PCI slots on the main board. When extending a work station (WS), you need an idle PCI slot.
4. The main board performance must be optimized and the main board must be adaptable to CPU and memory.
5. There must be a USB port on the main board. If not, please buy a USB extension board.
6. We recommend using hard disk of 7200.0 RPS and free space above 1G.
7. CPU and memory requirements (The following list of CPU and memoryparameters is based on Pentium series. If you want to have a differentconfiguration plan, please adopt the CPU and memory that is equal to orhigher than the Pentium series in performance).

Section 2 Optional Operating Systems

Windows 2000 platform: Windows 2000 Simplified (or Traditional) Chinese/English Professional Edition
Windows XP platform: Windows XP Simplified (or Traditional)Chinese/English Professional Edition??Windows XP Simplified (orTraditional) Chinese/English Home Edition

Preparing for Installation

Section 1: BIOS Settings (The following description takes AWARD BIOS asan example. For detailed setting methods, please refer to the MainBoard Manual)
1. The display adapter is the AGP display adapter by default.
To avoid the negative effects caused to host display after installingthe PCI display adapter, you need to set the default host display toAGP output.
2. Method for setting the default display adapter.
Start up your computer. Press Del to enter the BIOS Setting window. InIntegrated Peripherals or BIOS Features Setup, find options VGA-Bootfrom or InitDisplay First. According to the options you have found,change the sequence into AGP or AGP/onboard.
3. Modifying the Power Management Setup (Award Modular BIOS).
4. From the Power Management Setup menu, set Power Management Setup to Disable.

Section 2: Installing Operating System, Hardware Driver and Application Software
1. Install the operating system. Partition the hard disk and convert all partitions into the ntfs format.
2. Install the hardware driver, including the display adapter driver,the network adapter driver, the main board driver, the monitor driver,the USB2.0 driver, etc.
3. Install the necessary application software (you can install it after installing the multimedia share).

Section 3 Caution
1. If your computer is not a new one, be sure to check the entiresystem with an anti-virus software and make sure that the system isworking normally before installation.
2. Before installing the MMS 2000/XPsoftware, please check the entiresystem with an anti-virus software and make sure the all hardwareperipherals are working normally.
3. We recommend that you back up your system disk (through hard diskrestoration technique or GHOST) after completing the installationsetting and making sure that the system is running normally.
4. To safeguard the data security, please utilize an anti-virus software and upgrade it regularly (we recommend once a week).
5. For the convenience of maintenance, we recommend to back up your system after installing the application software.


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  1. Salam jumpa
    lansung aja ya,
    kmaren aku sdh pernah pasang 2 set PC station, kmudian ada pindahan shg harus bongkar n pasang lagi jaringannya. tapi tak diduga sbelumnya ternyata driver untuk PC-stationnya hilang entah kemana.
    bolehkan saya meng-copy drivernya?
    makasih banyak sebelumya


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